“Party” means celebration with friends. The occasions? Infinite! Whether important or trivial! Music that carries you through space and time, dance, movement, revelry, nonchalance, emotions, friends, faces, smiling faces. We actually remember our parties! It is not something that is easily forgotten!  Wherever you decide to have your party, Top Events will follow you in order to accompany you musically to your special  personal celebration and add color and liveliness with photorhythmics and other effects!
After all, Top Events means Top Parties! Parties that remain unforgettable!

Children's parties

Children compose a special audience, with its own sensitivities and demands.
They instinctively know what’s genuine and respond to the things that touch them. We offer the children a fully featured party, with the appropriate music, dance, games, activities. A party that respects their sensitivity and intelligence.
A party that allows for the enthusiasm as well as the strict judgment of the children. A party that sets standards higher. Our goal is at the end of the party for the children to feel that “it was the best day of their lives”!

Group of smiling children playing on the birthday party in decorated room. Happy kids blowing in pipes on birthday party


Do you think you have a talent for singing? Time to prove it to your friends! We undertake the orchestration and the audiovisual coverage!
The stage is yours!