Our longstanding experience in the sound coverage of wedding events as well as our love for music can meet every taste and preference of even the most demanding!
Our team will do their best to create the right atmosphere which will captivate both the couple and all the guests!
Our wedding receptions are based on flawless organization, catering for the spontaneity of the evening at the same time!

Preparation and cooperation with the couple.

What is more important than the correct and detailed preparation for a successful evening.
To ensure the most beautiful memories for you, we follow some basic organization steps so that we are fully prepared to meet your requirements!
What can be more important than the correct and detailed preparation for a succesful evening!
We discuss with you the style of the music, the details of the venue, the number of guests, as well as our further facilities, such as photorhythmics, aerial and floor fireworks, smoke effects, projectors, photobooth and much more!

Wedding day

The moment you were waiting for has arrived and you want everything to be perfect! Our team will be there to prepare everything according to your wishes and make the final technical checks for the perfect operation of our equipment.