Dj for Wedding

One of the most vital prerequisites that compose the success of a wedding party is the appropriate music by experienced wedding DJs.
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Dj For Baptism - Christening

Christening is the first important moment of joy for you and your child after his/her birth! This should definitely be combined with a lot of fun and dancing!
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Dj for Party

Party at home or in any other place you choose! We can be close to you offering our services for a successful evening full of revelry and non-stop dancing!
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Live - PA - Events

We possess all the experience and reliability needed to achieve the best possible result in your Event.
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Lighting & Special Effects

Professional lighting for your Wedding, Christening, Party or Event but also special effects such as smoke and fog machines,
fireworks and lasers to lift off the artistic taste of your reception.
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360 Video - Photo Booth

Give a special note to your event with a 360 Video Booth or with a vintage van of the 70’s completely renovated and shaped into the most entertaining and fun photo booth.
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Bartending Facilities - Van Bar

Besides all the necessary equipment, we are uniquely placed to bring to the mix something that you can’t ‘buy’ anywhere… a friendly smile!
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Lighting Letters

We can add our own note of sparkle and glamor to this day. We have all the letters of the alphabet and all the numbers for rent.
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